Gerona 1972

A Doctor with Internacional Mention by the University of Granada, Composer, Researcher and Professor in C.S.M. “Victoria Eugenia” of Granada, Guitarist, Pianist, and Superior Recording Technician by the University of Zaragoza. She obtained her Master in Composing for Audiovisual Media in the Superior Center Katerina Gurska (Madrid), and she was awarded her Degree in Entrepreneurship in the speciality of Accounting by the University of Extremadura.
Among the awards received are: The silver medal at the “Global Music Awards” in California with his work “Il Suoni dei Copis Celestis” (2023), First Prize of the International Composition Competition D. Juan De Borbón (Segovia 2018), ect
She studied Mauricio Sotelo, Salvatore Sciarrino, Brian Ferneyhough, Kaija Saariaho, Cristóbal Halffter, Tomás Marco, José María Sánchez Verdú, David del Puerto, Javier Darias, Manferd Trojahn, José Manuel López López, Jorge Fernández Guerra, Julio Estrada, James Dillon, Kaija Saariaho, amongst others.
For the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution,  was released the symphony ‘Carta Magna’.

She recently realise the music for a documentary about the lake “El Charco de San Ginés” in Lanzarote, the release of a visual symphonic concert for the Orchest Ciudad de Granada with 3D images projection, based on the theories of Kepler and named “Il Suoni dei Copis Celestis”, also the piece for piano and electronic in Tenerife’s planetarium named “Le Sette Sorelle dal Cielo”.
Currently, as she develops her career as a composer and researcher, she is Professor at the Conservatory of Music in Granada and Professor at the University of Granada, in educational science.

About the work

There was an old tree full of sorrow in a garden abandoned to its fate, where withered and lifeless leaves made all the trees die in deep melancholy. They remembered those years when children, such as little Paco, the gardener’s son, and his friends, climbed like squirrels up their branches using them as fortresses for their wars of pine cones, walnuts and chestnuts.
The trees remembered giving shade and shelter to the families that gathered there to enjoy Maria’s traditional meals, in such a unique spot.
They missed a time when they would see medicinal waters spring up from the spa that would water their cold roots, giving them health and brightness, beauty and strength. Boosting a brilliant garden that would be known in those years as “El Retiro”, a retreat for Jaen residents. A place where “pastiras” and “chirris” fell in love, where thousands of lovers kissed among the scent of roses, eucalyptus and other aromatic plants that freshened and soaked with their smell the sweetness of couples, full of passion.
That passion is faded today, as it is the tree’s heartbeat, and that is why it leans on a banister, sad, looking for caresses of love.
Legend: dedicated to all the people that in the past took care and gave brightness to the Gardens of Jabalcuz.