April 21

18.00 h: Lot for the order of contestants, in the chamber hall of “Infanta Leonor” Theatre.

20.00 h: Opening act with the inaugural concert in the “Infanta Leonor” Theatre (Molino de la Condesa w/n Street)

April 22 to April 24

Development of the First round. “Infanta Leonor” Theatre.

April 24

Composer Laura Vega, created this musical piece, entitled ‘Poema a un amor eterno‘.

April 25 to April 26

Development of the Second round. “Infanta Leonor” Theatre.

April 27 to April 28

Third round, with Breton String Quartet.

“Infanta Leonor” Theatre.

April 30

Final Stage with orchestra, with Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra, since 18.00, in the “Infanta Leonor” Theatre. Award Ceremony.