Premio Piano Jaén
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Concurso Internacional de Piano Premio Jaén. Diputación Provincial de Jaén, Palacio Provincial. 23071 Jaén (España)

The second stage of the 58th Jaén International Piano Competition will have 19 young interpreters
Beatrice Magnagni (Italy). JPG de 164 KB
In this stage, that begins Monday at 10:00 at the Infanta Leonor, the players are due to perform the mandatory work, “Anamorfosis, op 152”, composed by Manuel Seco de Arce. [+]
The 58th Jaén International Piano Competition sets an historic record of 45 participants from 16 countries.
Participants in 58th Jaén International Piano Competition. JPG de 2418 KB
The contest began with the intervention draw and the opening concert of Ralf Nattkemper. The first stage of the contest is beggining tomorrow at 10:30 [+]
The German Ralf Nattkemper is opening today the 58th Jaén International Piano Competition
Albert Attenelle, Juan Ángel Pérez and Ralf Nattkemper. JPG de 213 KB
He is going to interpret works from Haydn, Schumman and Schubert after the intervention draw. [+]