Premio Piano Jaén
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Concurso Internacional de Piano Premio Jaén. Diputación Provincial de Jaén, Palacio Provincial. 23071 Jaén (España)

The City Council publishes at the Official Province Gazette the rules for the 54th Jaén Internacional Piano Contest The registration period for this event, celebrated between the 12th and the 20th of April, is finally open [+]
The City Council is finishing the rules for the 54th Jaén Internacional Piano Contest The deputy for Culture and Sports discloses that the contest will have a bigger approach to the city in the next edition, specially to young people [+]
More than 3,000 people back the success of audience of the 53rd edition of the International Piano Contest ‘Jaén Prize’
More than 3,000 people have attended at least one of the several concerts and activities included in the 53rd International Piano Contest ‘Jaén Prize’. JPG 351 KB
This contest’s web page, organized by the Local Council of Jaén, has had in one month more than 5,500 visitors, from 57 countries and 400 different cities [+]
Mariana Prjevalskaia, from Spain, writes her name as winner of the 53rd International Piano Contest ‘Jaén Prize’
Mariana Prjevalskaia. JPG de 269 KB
Tatiana Dorokhova, from Russia, has obtained the second prize of this edition, while the third prize has been awarded to the Italian Viviana Pia Lasaracina [+]