Premio Piano Jaén
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Concurso Internacional de Piano Premio Jaén. Diputación Provincial de Jaén, Palacio Provincial. 23071 Jaén (España)

The 54th Jaén International Piano Contest is spreading through the province
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On Wednesday and Thursday, six pianists participating at the contest will perform in Alcalá la Real, Baeza, Úbeda, Alcaudete, Huelma And Cazorla [+]
Six pianists reach the semifinal of the 54th International Jaén Piano Contest
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This round is celebrating today, from 10:00, at the new theatre "Infanta Leonor" [+]
A total of 19 pianists get to the second round of the 54th Jaén International Piano Contest
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The second round features the interpretation of "Flores para Julia", compulsory work by Juan de Dios García Aguilera, starting today from 11:00 a.m at the new theatre Infanta Leonor [+]
A total of 32 pianists will compete for the 54th Jaén International Piano Contest
Pianist of this contest.
The first preliminary of this contest, hold by the City Council, starts today at 17:00 p.m at the Jaén Music Conservatory [+]