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Concurso Internacional de Piano Premio Jaén. Diputación Provincial de Jaén, Palacio Provincial. 23071 Jaén (España)

A total of 39 pianists from 19 countries will compete for the 55th Jaén International Piano Contest. JPG de 479 KB

04-05-2013 //

A total of 39 pianists from 19 countries will compete for the 55th Jaén International Piano Contest

The first preliminary of this contest, hold by the City Council, starts today at 17:00 p.m

The Jaén International Piano Contest, one of the most pretigious ones in the country, is starting today with the participation of 39 pianists coming from 19 countries. This institution is holding the event until the next 12th of April. The opening concert was given by the pianist Ana Guijarro -who is chairwoman of the jury again- right after the intervention´s draw. Today, at 10.30 a.m the Russian Alexei Sychev is starting the auditions of the first preliminary round at the Paraninfo of the Jaén Music Conservatory. This round will finish Sunday afternoon, and consists on the interpretation of works from Bach, Chopin, Debussy, Scriabin, Rachmaninov, Bartók, Stravinksy and Ligeti, plus another free-choice composition.

The players that will fight for this year´s first prize are: Chihiro Horikawa, Kyoko Kaise, Maiko Mine, Eriko Gomita, Rina Kurata, Junko Oke, Keisuke Nakamura, Emi Munakata and Ayumi Sugiyama (Japan); Ilya Ramlav, Marina Goshkieva, Desislava Bobrina, Ekaterina Richter, Alexey Sychev, Evgeny Starodubtsev, Konstantin Alexeev, María Derevyagina and Sofia Tsygankova (Russia); Antonio Bernaldo de Quirós, Enrique Bernaldo de Quirós, Cristina Lucio-Villegas, Jesús María Sievers Fernández, José Beltrán Ávila, José María Villegas González, Miguel Ángel Acebo Gallego and Manuel Jesús Corbacho (Spain); Mariya Filippova y Darya Dadykina (Ukraine); Leon Bernsdorf (Germany); Aleyson Scopel (Brazil); Anna Petrova (Bulgaria); Marcos Raúl Madrigal Soto (Cuba); Alejandro Ormaza Vera (Ecuador); Josquin Otal (France); Nicolas Namoradze (Georgia); Alexia Mouzá (Greece); Lorenzo Cossi (Italia); Alina Bercu (Romania) and Hua-Yi Tang (Taiwan).

One more year, the Jaén City Council is paying the hosting charges of the participants and will give the ones getting through this first preliminary 300 euro in travel expenses in order to facilitate their stay during the competition. There will be 400 euro for the ones who passed through the second round and did not get any of the first five awards, which sums up a total of 52,000 euro.

This year´s edition has included several activities attached to the competition, like the celebration of the XI Piano Marathon, last 21st of March, the fitting of piano-shaped banks containing relevant information on the contest or the celebration of two concerts in public locations of the city last 3rd of April.

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