Premio Piano Jaén
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Concurso Internacional de Piano Premio Jaén. Diputación Provincial de Jaén, Palacio Provincial. 23071 Jaén (España)

Calendar / Venues / Prizes


From 16 to 25 April, 2020.


Conservatory of Music, First eliminatory performance, 17, 18 and 19 April.

New Theather “Infanta Leonor” of Jaén, will take place:

Opening Act, April 16, at 19.30 hours.

Draw of lots on April 16, at 21.30 hours.

Second eliminary performance, 20 and 21 April

Third eliminary performance, 22 and 23 April. Chamber Music, with String Quartet Bretón

Final performance with Philarmonic Orchestra of Málaga, 25 April, at 19.00 hours



60.000 euros

* First Prize: 20.000 euros, Gold Medal, Diploma, a concert tour sponsored by: the “Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País" in Jaén, the Orchestra "Ciudad de Granada" OCG, International Festival of Music and Dance "Ciudad de Úbeda" in Úbeda and Ferd. Thürmer in the concert hall "Thürmer-Saal" in Bochum/Germany, and a compact disc recording with the record label Naxos.

* Second Prize: 12.000 euros and a Diploma. 

* Third Prize: 8.000 euros and a Diploma.

*" Chamber Music" Prize, 8.000 euros and Diploma.

* “Rosa Sabater” Prize: given to the best Spanish music interpretation, consisting on 6.000 euros, a Diploma and a concert which one take place in the "Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País" in Jaén. Sponsoring by the City Council of Jaén.

* "Contemporary Music" Prize: given to the best interpretation of the commissioned work, consisting on 6.000 euros and a Diploma. Sponsoring by the Culture Ministry of Spanish Government.

* "Audience Prize": given by the audience attending the final event, consisting on a 25 cm piano bronce sculpture.


Each participant who successfully passes the first eliminatory test and participate in the second eliminatory round will be granted a travelling allowance of 300 euros. This amount will be raised to 400 euros if the participant in question also passes the second eliminatory test, participate in the third eliminatory round but does not obtain any prize. The accommodation for all the participants, during his participation in the competition, will be at charges of the Organisation.
At the proposal of Jury, the Organisation could agree a travel grant of máximum 350 Euros for participants of this edition, in the order to facilitate them the participation in the next International Piano Competition Prize "Jaén".

Recitals in the province of Jaén
The Organisation could propose during the Competition some recitals in different places in the Province of Jaén for those participants who were eliminate of Competition but showed, based on the judgment of jury, a special artistic level.

Commissioned work

"Me arrodillo yo"

Composer: Sebastián Mariné

History- Background  of the International Piano Competition Prize "Jaén"

The Pianist Joaquín Reyes Cabrera and the architect Pablo Castillo García-Negrete created in 1953 the "Alpine Club Award", held for two years. In 1955, the Instituto de Estudios Giennenses took over sponsorship of the contest prize which was renamed Piano Prize "Jaen".

The first competition, held in 1956, was won Jacinto Matute Narro, who received 30 € which was equipped with the event.

If international character originally had a national award, from the sixties acquired international status.

The Instituto de Estudios Giennenses organized the event between 1956 and 1988. From that year, the Provincial Council took over sponsorship and organization of the same.

Since 1993, the contest has a custom piece written by a Spanish composer specifically for this event which opens worldwide in the International Piano Competition Prize "Jaén. Thus, the work must have been composed by prestigious musicians such as Anton García Abril, Tomas Marco, José García Román, Xavier Montsalvatge, José Luis Turina and Luis de Pablos, among others.

The International Piano Competition Prize "Jaén has singularities which is the oldest of which was held in Spain in this kind of music, youth-only participants can register pianists under 32 years, and also that the heats include binding interpretation of a musical work composed expressly for this event by renowned Spanish composer. In this way, around a dense literature prize musical.