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Concurso Internacional de Piano Premio Jaén. Diputación Provincial de Jaén, Palacio Provincial. 23071 Jaén (España)


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1.      The Competition is open to pianists of any nationality, born after the 24th of April 1987, with the exception of those who have received the Prize “Jaén” previously. The organisers of the contest have the right to select candidates on the basis of their "curriculum vitae” and a website link with an audiovisual recording of the participant, which necessarily include works he/she wants to play in the Contest. The participants are exempt to send this recording, if they participated in one of the last five editions of our competition or won some prize in a competition, which is member of the World Federation of International Music Competition (FMCIM /WFIMC), this prize must be accredited. Also if necessary we shall request an introductory letter from a distinguished professor.
      The accommodation and breakfast expenses for all the participants during his participation in the competition, will be at charges of the Organisation. The rooms are to share with another participant. Those participant, they prefer a single room; have to arrange and pay the accommodation in our city on his own. This accommodation spending is included in the budget 2019.610.3340.22611.
2.      Applications may be submitted from the 3rd October, 2018, publication date of this announcement in the BOP (Official Bulletin of the Province of Jaén) and in the BDNS (National Database of Subsidies), until the March 13th 2019; after this date will not be admitted any application. The Organisation will inform the candidates about his definitely acceptance in the Competition from the 20th of March 2019.
 The application process has to be done online through the website:
 The established enrolment fee of 80 Euros, have to be paid to the following account:
 IBAN: ES90 2103 1210 59 1101000228
Bank: savings bank Unicaja    Address: c/Cronista Cazabán, s/n, 23001 Jaén
 The receipt of payment must be sent together with the application.
All the bank charges relating to the transfer are to be paid by the contestants.
This application fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.
 The draw of lots take place on April 24th, 2019, at 19.00 hours in the Edificio del Antiguo Hospital de San Juan de Dios (located in the Plaza de San Juan de Dios, s/n. Jaén). All contestants must be present at this drawing of lots, in the order to determine the order of performances. Any absence have been justified and accepted by the jury, at previous request of the participant.
At this time, the location and schedule of the various performances will be indicated.
 3.      The Competition consists of three eliminatory performances and the final round:
              - First and second round; piano solo
              - Third round; piano solo and Chamber Music   
              - Final with orchestra
 The repertoire of each round is sorted by groups, according to the annexed program. After each eliminatory performance the Jury will announce its judgement and designate the participants who are qualified to take part in the next round, or in case the prize-winners. (for the third round no more than 6 participants and 3 for the final stage.)
 FIRST ELIMINATORY PERFORMANCE. - All the participants shall interpret the works included in Group A, without exceeding the 20 minutes time limit.
 SECOND ELIMINATORY PERFORMANCE. - Once the candidates have successfully passed the first elimination, they are obliged to play one piece from Group B, another one from Group C and the obligatory work, without exceeding the 50 minutes time limit.
 THIRD ELIMINATORY PERFORMANCE. - All participants who qualify, shall play one piece from Group D and another one from Group E, respecting this order and freely chosen by themselves, with a minimum of 50 minutes and maximum a 60 minutes time limit.
 FINAL PERFORMANCE WITH ORCHESTRA. - All the candidates, who qualify for the final, shall play a concerto from Group F for piano and orchestra.
  4.      All works must be played from memory, with the exception of the score of the obligatory work and the Chamber Music piece.
 5.      Before taking part in the Competition, the participants must present an official document (National Identity Card, Passport or similar document) proving their identity.
 6.      The Competition will be held between 25th April and 3rd May, 2019. On May 3rd will be publicly announced the decision of Jury, and the prizes (as well as a certificate confirming the prizes) will be presented.
 7.      The Jury will be appoint between important persons with a prestigious artistic career and merit in the international piano world. Those names and remuneration will be published in the BOP of Jaén (Official Bulletin of the Province of Jáen) at least fifteen days before Competition. The decision of the Jury will be final and irrevocable, and will be ratify, if applicable, by the competent department of the County Council of Jaén (Diputación Provincial de Jaén) in the order to award the prizes.
 The administrative operation of Jury shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter II of the Preliminary Title of the Law 40/2015, October 1st, of the Legal Status of Public Sector (art. 35.39 BEP 2018).
 To award the different prizes the jury will take his decision based on the quality and aptitude, interpretation and musical culture of candidates, appropriate to award this activity, the purpose specific of this competition.
 8.      The awards, subject - if applicable - to the legally established tax deductions, shall be as follows:



Sponsored by the County Council of Jaén, (Diputación Provincial de Jaén):
Gold Medal, Diploma, a Compact Disc recording with the record label Naxos, which one could be record live during the competition*, and
A concert tour sponsored by:       Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country/Jaén       (Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País de Jaén),       Orchestra "Ciudad de Granada" OCG**,       International Festival of Music and Dance "Ciudad de Úbeda" in Úbeda,       Ferd. Thürmer in the concert hall "Thürmer-Saal" in Bochum/Germany.

20.000 Euros


SECOND PRIZE, sponsored by the County Council of Jaén, (Diputación Provincial de Jaén), Diploma and

12.000 Euros


THIRD PRIZE, sponsored by the savings bank Unicaja, Diploma and

8.000 Euros


"CHAMBER MUSIC" PRIZE, sponsored by County Council of Jaén (Diputación Provincial de Jaén), Diploma and
 “ROSA SABATER” PRIZE, sponsored by the Mayor of  Jaén for the best interpreter of Spanish music, include in the Group C. Diploma, and a concert in the city of Jaén 
sponsored by the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country/Jaén (Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País), and 
“CONTEMPORARY MUSIC” PRIZE, sponsored by the Culture Ministry of the Spanish Government goes to the best interpreter of the compulsory work, Diploma and                           

8.000 Euros

6.000 Euros

6.000 Euros

“AUDIENCE PRIZE”, by audience voting during the final performance. Bronze Sculpture, without prize money.


* The CD for the First prize-winner will be record preferential in the days subsequent the Competition, therefore the winner must stay in Jaén, in the order to attend the obligations ensuing from this prize.
 ** The concert with the Orchestra OCG take place the day after final-stage in Granada. In the event of the First Prize is declared void, the winner of the       Second Prize shall give this concert.
 The payment of prizes will be made by bank transfer to the account that the beneficiary indicates on their creditor sheet, which should be submitted as part of the admission letter.
 The prize spending sponsored by the County Council of Jaen (Diputación Provincial de Jaén) is included in the budget 2019.610.3340.48919, named PRIZES INTERNATIONAL PIANO COMPETITION PRIZE “JAÉN”. The granting of these prizes is conditioned upon the existence of adequate and sufficient credit at the moment of the resolution of concession.
 To justify the prize money awarded by the County Council, the prize-winner must sign a document, which one enclosed the following information: personal details of the winner, the prize money and the legally established deductions for tax purposes.
9.        Each participant who successfully passes the first eliminatory stage and participate in the second eliminatory round will receive a travel grant of 300 Euros. This amount will be raised to 400 Euros if the participant in question also passes the second stage, participate in the third round but does not obtain any prize. This travelling allowance spending, subject - if applicable - to the legally established tax deductions, is included in the budget 2019.610.3340.48191. The granting of these travel bursaries is conditioned upon the existence of adequate and sufficient credit at the moment of the resolution of concession.
 10.   The Organisation could propose during the Competition some recitals in different places in the Province of Jaén for those participants who were eliminate of Competition but showed, based on the judgment of jury, a special artistic level.
 11. At the proposal of Jury, the Organisation could agree a travel grant of maximum 350 Euros for participants of this edition, in the order to facilitate them the participation in the next International Piano Competition Prize "Jaén". This grant is non-transferable to any other further edition of competition and will be paid once the candidates in question has participated, at least, in the first round of the next competition. The travelling allowance costs, subject - if applicable - to the legally established tax deductions, are included in the budget 2019.610.3340.48919, being these travel bursaries conditioned upon the existence of adequate and sufficient credit at the moment of the resolution of concession.
 12.   The 61º International Piano Competition Prize "Jaén" 2019, reserves the reproduction rights by radio, video and television broadcast from the different eliminatory tests. Also rights reserved for a Compact Disc recording. Therefore, the Organization will be able to commercialize and transfer the above-mentioned rights freely, exclusively and with no limitation in favour of any person or firm. This transfer of rights is agreed gratuitously.
13.   Compatibility or incompatibility with other subventions, grants, deposits or resources.
       According to the article 35.39 of the budget of County Council of Jaén for 2018, the prizes they will be award on charges of the competition 2019, are compatible with other subventions, grants, deposits or resources from any administration, public or private corporation, national, from the European Union or from international corporation, which one could be grant the beneficiary after the prize award. 
 14.   The participation in the 61º International Piano Competition Prize "Jaén" involve the complete acceptance of the aforementioned conditions.
                                                                                                           Jaén, October 2018