Premio Piano Jaén
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Concurso Internacional de Piano Premio Jaén. Diputación Provincial de Jaén, Palacio Provincial. 23071 Jaén (España)

Honggi Kim, first Korean to ever win the Jaén International Piano Competition
The president of the City Council, Francisco Reyes, has been in charge of giving the first award to the winner, Honggi Kim
Jin Huyeon Lee, also Korean, and the Spaniard Jorge Nava Vásquez won the second and third award, respectively, in a competition held by the City Council, in which the winner got another two special prizes [+]
There will be a diverse and symbolic programme at the final of the 60th Jaén International Piano Competition
Jorge Nava, Jin-Hyeon Lee y Honggi Kim with Juan Ángel Pérez, Albert Attenelle and Úrsula Calvi. JPG de 352 KB
The players who reach the final stage stress the level of the contest and its exceptional organisation [+]
Jorge Nava Vásquez, Honggi Kim and Jin-Hyeon Lee, finalists of the 60th Jaén International Piano Competition
Jin-Hyeon Lee, Jorge Nava Vásquez and Honggi Kim. JPG de 547 KB
The final is celebrated next Friday, at 19.00 in the Infanta Leonor theatre, with the Ciudad de Granada Orchestra [+]
Six pianists are looking for a place in the final of the 60th Jaén International Piano Competition, hold by the City Council
Six pianists with the Bretón Quartet. JPG de 434 KB
For the first time in its history the players are interpreting chamber music pieces for this stage, accompanied by the Bretón Quartet [+]